We wanted to follow up with our post about the insanity of the Easter Basket Market. We received some great ideas and love all of the feedback, here and on Facebook. We really loved the idea of putting pieces that represent parts of the Easter Story inside the plastic eggs, and think we will use it next year when Baby Love is just a little older. 

For his basket we used a lovely old wicker one that we had on hand and Abbey wove ribbon through it's sides. Wrapped ribbon around the handle and used some straw "stuff" we had on hand. For his Easter Egg Hunt Basket we used his little yellow basket that holds his sand toys and wove ribbon through that as well. It has holes on the bottom so the grass and dirt sifted out long before we reached the car. The nice part is the ribbon can be reused as it wasn't glued or cut into small strips. Win!

For the contents we started gathering items a few weeks ago, whenever we saw them. There was the excellent deal on a season of Ducktales, a series we both loved as children. The Looney Tunes bowling and golf set are from Marshalls, on sale. And the icing were little toys that we picked up from the dollar section of Michaels. It is amazing what we have found in that section! We filled the little plastic eggs with change for his piggy bank and 5 little chocolate bugs. The winner in that competition was the change. He was so excited to fill his little piggy bank! The final item and the most time intensive were a set of vintage animal flash cards. After searching websites that had royalty free vintage images of animals Abbey cropped them and added the letters. Laminating them at Kinkos was the final step and they were done. 

We snuck in and left it on his little table.
All of the items, minus the chocolate, were ones that we desired to add to his toy box and have been on a list for awhile. In the aftermath of the holiday there isn't anything that is headed towards the trash, except maybe some of that candy from the easter egg hunt. We have so many thoughts on what to make for next year's basket and will mark our calendars to start earlier. What did you do for Easter Baskets this year?


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  1. A wonderful Easter basket and fabulous photos of Rowan and daddy too, of course!

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