We were struck with pleasure when we realized that our sweet sons birthday was on a Thursday, a very Thankful Thursday 3 weeks ago. How fitting that he was born on a day of the week that we have devoted all year long to finding something to be truly thankful for and share with you guys. So today we celebrate his last "week" milestone and prepare to transition to the month milestones. In a few short months Baby Love will no longer be in the phase of life where his age is determined in months. It is a sobering realization of how fast time flies when you are on this side of life. We are exceedingly grateful for every moment and memory made and vow to continue to try and capture each one. Happy Thursday, tell someone how thankful you are for them!

Want to take a peek into our medicine cabinet? Of course you do! Well if you were to take this challenge you would find a little world of colored post-its. We thought we would share with you what a few of ours have on them. 

"Wisdom, Discretion, Grace"
"Thankfulness makes a steady and persistent friend of affection."
"The Beauty of Responsibility and the Glory of Faithfulness"
"I want to take each step with purpose so when I look back I will know exactly how I got here."
"Walk in a manner worthy of the calling to with which you have been called." Ephesians 4:1
"Put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Collosians 3:12
"whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Philippians 4:8
"A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger." Proverbs 15:1

These are our little reminders, our little inspirations, that for a moment help put a pause on the world around us as we refocus. 

Where do you put your little notes of inspiration? 
What do they say?
...Make Light The Load.
After posting about my realization that so much on my to do list would never be done, two of my sweet and close friends sat me down and had me make a list. They wanted me to detail these To Dos, big and small. Then each took a few and set out to help accomplish some of the bigger tasks. Their helping hands made the other items on my list easier to conquer and the discussion over what needed to be done vs what was just another item thrown on the list for good measure, helped me put things into proper perspective. In the course I was able to release some of my tasks with a peaceful heart. If you have a good friend that is expecting a baby, this is a great way to help them nest and bring rest to their weary selves. I wish I had words to express just how high this caused my heart to soar. 
Finishing the cushion on our Rocker. Every time I rock our sweet son I am reminded of how loved I am.
Curtains in the boys room that needed to be hemmed....
The little things, like finding cherries right before they were really in the stores.  
Just a few of the tasks they took control of and accomplished. Helping Hands=Rest.

A little less than two weeks ago our Declan made his arrival in the afternoon. After spending about 3 hours in the hospital he arrived and is perfect. It was a peaceful, non-medicated delivery where the only additions to the room were the nurses and doctor. We are so grateful that all of our wishes were honored and supported, which made this birth story more intimate and calm, a direct juxtaposition to Baby Love's delivery. We are working on his birth story, but wanted to give a few details and pictures!
Declan Donovan
7lbs 2 oz
20 Inches
Proud Parents 2 Hours After Arrival
Long Limbs and So Active!

Part Of Our Support Team and Close Friends, Jessica and Caitlin
(It was Caitlin's 30th Birthday and we promised her a special gift!)
Baby Love Meeting "Duckie" As He Has Come To Be Called
So Cozy With His Hands Next To His Face
A Heart To Heart With Dad
My Heart Has Been Stolen Away

Going Home As A Family Of Four
There are truly so many people that we want and need to thank for their help and love to our family, but know it would start to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech. Suffice it to say that this delivery and recovery truly took our small village of support people, all of whom we are incredibly grateful for.
Brothers. Let The Next Big Adventure Begin....
May (8 month Prego)
Tour hospital
~Done. Only accomplished by the skin of our teeth, at the end of the month, with the In-Loves on hand to help with Baby Love. 
Meals planned
~Contacted the church and they are so graciously helping set them up. They are using :Takethemameal.com
Call list, etc... updated
~ Another finished near the middle/end of the month. Calling cards distributed.
Baby announcements addressed
~Nope. But addresses are updated and a list of who to send them to is done.
Take pregnancy pictures
~ Good Friend Sophie Brock came and took some amazing shots. You can see a few here around pages 29 or 30.
Plan and throw Jessica's birthday
~ It ended up being a day of celebration that was so much fun!
Read: The Key To Your Child's Heart by G. Smalley or Playful Parenting by D. Westman
~ Nope. The list of little teeny things that needed to be done and working on spending some quality time together took precedence, as it should.
* Kevin is done with classes! Rotation schedule begins.