Rest, concerts outside, enjoy the sunshine
~As evidence by a blogging absence and a rested family unit. 
Write birth story
~Started this.

Celebrate our 8th Anniversary
~Low key for sure. But sometimes just being together is more than enough.
Go on a date, alone
~ Thanks to our amazing support circle we were able to check this one off the list.
Throw Rowan's 2nd Birthday Party!
~ This was so much fun and will be blogged about later. A ton of work but oh so worth it for our little sir.
Start jogging
~ Lightly. Running after a newly initiated 2 year old is proving to burn many calories.

Declan's baby shower
Trip up North for a very special wedding
Trip south for the Cousin's reunion

Take family photos
~Moved this to October.
Plan Kevin's birthday
~Planned, but not fully cemented. 
Read: Re-read Babywise and Babywise II by Ezzo and Bucknam
~Success! Didn't end up wanting to re-read the second one yet as it wasn't as applicable.

Celebrate My Birthday
~A week of brunch, picnics, flowers and ending with a sleepover and crafts. Perfect.