I hesitated about sharing these here, but think the accountability will do us good and might put this in a separate tab at the top, crossing them off, or commenting, as we go. My dear friend of almost a decade and half wrote a great piece on the difference between goals and resolutions here and it has stuck with me all month. So here we go, 2011 you are going to be great!

All Year Goals
* Document my own recipes, gather and sort
* Start writing actual chapters in my book...it is still a secret :)
* Meal plan consistently and creatively
* Plan and budget monthly group dates

February (5 month Prego)
Increase my running to 5 miles
Plan and throw Kate's Birthday
Inventory baby items
Return borrowed items
Get Rowan into swimming lessons
Finish Rowan's Birth Story
Trip to Olympia
Read: Shepherding A Child's Heart by T. Tripp
* Find out what we are having! (Feb. 3rd) BOY!!!

March (6 month Prego)
Maintain 5 mile runs, increase stairs
Family Christmas gifts made
List of other homemade items decided on
Plan and throw Shannon's Birthday
Trim/fix/gather baby items
Trip to CA to visit family
Read: The Discipline Book by Dr. Sears
* Find out where Kevin's rotations are!
April (7 month Prego)
Run a 5k (or end of March)
Rowan's 2nd Birthday done and in boxes ready to go
Birthing class review
Design baby announcements
Finalize Birth plan, distribute
Co-host baby shower for Megan
Baby Moon?
Read: Grace Based Parenting by T. Kimmel

May (8 month Prego)
Tour hospital
Meals planned
Call list, etc... updated
Baby announcements addressed
Take pregnancy pictures
Plan and throw Jessica's birthday
Read: The Key To Your Child's Heart by G. Smalley or Playful Parenting by D. Westman
* Kevin is done with classes! Rotation schedule begins.

June (9 month Prego)
Celebrate Caitlin's birthday early!
Wash and put newborn clothes away
Finish putting away newborn essentials
Walk, walk, walk, walk....
Have hospital bag packed
Car seat installed
Bring this sweet baby home
Read: Really? Not sure that will happen!
* Baby arrives!
Rest, concerts outside, enjoy the sunshine
Write birth story
Celebrate our 8th Anniversary
Go on a date, alone
Throw Rowan's 2nd Birthday Party!
Start jogging
Take family photos
Plan Kevin's birthday
Read: Re-read Babywise and Babywise II by Ezzo and Bucknam
Pick Pumpkins
Halloween costumes
Finalize Thanksgiving plans
Plan Steph's birthday party
Read: Something creative and inspiring

Write Holiday Letter/ design card
Outline Advent Book Plan

Cut tree and decorate
Plan cookie party
Read: Advent book...
*Baby is 6 months!
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