April (7 month Prego)
Run a 5k (or end of March)
Rowan's 2nd Birthday done and in boxes ready to go
~ About 50% done. Not bad!
Birthing class review
~Moved to May, after classes were done and we could do this together.
Design baby announcements
Finalize Birth plan, distribute
~Done. Made this a little more real! I liked using this website. Quick and easy.
Co-host baby shower for Megan
~So beautiful and fun! See post here for details.
Baby Moon?
~ Not possible with classes, thinking of a fun little trip in the fall with friends instead.
Read: Grace Based Parenting by T. Kimmel
~ Purchased and cracked, but no progress made. Tons of other reading instead though...see below.

Additional Goals Added:
Easter Flash Cards For Rowan
~85% done, still searching for a few of the animals. 
Flash Card Banner for Above Declan's Bed
~ Done and so perfect. See it here.
Be faithful with Bible Study
~Successful. Even if we were late we made it, and 90% of the homework was done on time!
Develop Pinterest Boards
~Loved working on these. A bit of startup, but so worth it in the end.(click on the icon in the sidebar to follow!)
Read: Water for Elephants
~Loved this book. A good reminder to treat our elderly with more respect.
Read: The Sacred Influence
~An incredible book, full of challenges. I read it with some other married ladies and wouldn't recommend an isolated reading. Having others to hold you accountable to what the book was calling out in you is crucial.
Design Mypublisher Books, this last year for us, bring up to date.
~1 of 4 done.Too many great pictures of some really fun activities to fit into 2 books this year.
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