Safety is something that always comes up in conversations when people find out we live in the heart of a larger city. When we had Baby Love we discussed in depth different precautions we would and wouldn't be taking. It was our desire to raise a healthy, secure and loving little boy who wasn't afraid of the unknown. One of the tools we used for reaffirming who was in ours, and by proxy his, safety circle was this little look book.
Sassy Look Photo Book
We filled its pages with photos and he started actively looking at, and chewing on, it by 3 months of age. Now approaching two he still loves this tattered and torn little book. We just updated the pictures inside (something we have tried to do every 3 months or so) and he spent all morning carrying it around, pointing out the people and gabbing on and on to the different loved ones. Before visiting with a loved one that he hasn't seen in awhile we will pull out his look book and find their photo. We then talk about fun things he has done with them, something memorable that might be in his memory bank. Maybe they have an animal he loves, or play a certain game with him, or have a special treat waiting upon his arrival. You get the idea, concrete consistent elements. Since we have a tight circle of friends that are like family their images are in their as well. We decided that anyone we would consider in our tight trust circle would be in his book. These are people we want him to trust as we do and so far we seem to be successful. It is exciting to think about making one of these for Baby Declan. Maybe that would be a good weekend project, eh?

So that is one of the ways we have approached safety while raising a baby in the city. We would love any and all of your questions, they fuel many of our posts and are great food for thought!
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