The rhymes were fun,
But when it was done,
Our brain it was empty,
No more rhymes aplenty.
A few of our favorites here we will share,
Although none of them are very rare!

Our dear friend Katie is a leap year baby and as such it is always tricky deciding when to celebrate her. We made wonderful plans for this year but at the last minute, 48 hours before, the weather changed everything! The icy conditions and tempestuous nature of the storm made us nervous to drive to our retreat for the weekend. So at the last minute we pulled it together and adapted, adapted, adapted! I must say that in the end the result was fabulous and we were able to show our sweet friend just how much she means to us!

The theme was beach retreat. I designed the invitations and created all of the rhymes that followed on her clues. I punched holes at the top and threaded Ace Jute Twine 147 through the two holes, tying tightly and then glued a shell at the bottom of the clues. 
<Please don't use without permission!>

We arrived with a breakfast tray of her favorite things and another clue. 

"While the snow may have changed our plans,

And we are sad to not be able to run to the sands..."

She had a massage by an incredible masseuse and was picked up by one of our friends while two of us waited for a table at a wonderful local restaurant that is always PACKED for brunch!

"We hope the massage soothed your soul,
And your appetite is the size of a troll....."
Bringing a little of the beach to the restaurant.
The place mat was the same paper design I made for the invitations, edged with creative scissors.
Impromptu cone made from the same paper.
The flowers were wrapped with  paper towels that had been wet and wrapped in plastic.
Above: The Birthday Girl and Shannon, some of the delicious Brunch items, Caitlin and I. 
Afterwards we returned to her apartment where we had everything laid out for her make up to be done professionally while sipping on wine and nibbling on chocolate.

"After a day of fun and surprises,
That fortunately never required disguises,
We desire to help you primp for what lies ahead
For at 6 O’clock he will arrive it is said
No more can we say about what’s in store,
For to secrecy we have been swore (n),
And rhyme we can’t anymore.<wink>"
To end the evening she was picked up by her boyfriend and we made our adieus. 
Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Katie, You Are Dearly Loved!

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