Before Easter is too far in the recess' of our memory I thought I would share a little Mommy Moment with you from this last week. 

During nap time on Monday the Easter Candy was sorted and cleaned out. The "good" candy was put into a little bag for us to enjoy and the rest made the trek to the trash can. Included in this was the large chocolate bunny that Baby Love had made ear-less in a matter of minutes on Easter Sunday. It was amazing how fast he gobbled it up and we realized he would have the whole thing devoured before breakfast was on the table if we didn't act fast. So we made a trade for a muffin and put the deaf chocolate bunny up and out of sight. 

Fast forward to Monday, post-nap time. Baby Love gets up and proceeds to clean my floor, crumb by crumb. A new hobby of his that is wonderful. Suddenly he pauses and says loudly in distress "Mommy!". In his depositing of crumbs into the trash he had glimpsed the packaging of the monster bunny and was trying to wedge it through the tiny gap that a child proof lock allows on a door. As he freed the poor dirty chocolate bunny he looks at me with wide sad eyes and says "Nummy?". I would love to say I had a wonderful moment where I soothed him and managed to put the bunny up until a later time when I could get rid of him. But no, that's not what happened. "Oh no! Poor bunny, well he is all dirty because he was napping in the trash. Bummer, we will have to put him back in the trash. Bye Bunny". That is about how it went. Not my proudest moment. Note to self for next year, trash Easter candy deep in the depths of the trash can. Or take it to a secondary location for destruction. 
Have you ever had a mommy moment like mine? Please share! It will make me feel a little better! <wink>
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  1. Tanya Says:

    I have had many moments like this with both candy AND toys. My lesson learned is also to bury those items deep in the trash or immediately take them out to our big trash can outside. Yes, many tear can be involved in those moments.

  2. MB & ME Says:

    I also think it speaks volumes about you as a great mommy when the little one doesn't throw a tantrum or act out. You see the moms in the grocery store or Target being told no, they cannot have that particular item and it's complete chaos!

  3. meganleiann Says:

    Well done! You should totally be proud of that! I've had moments like that with the BAZILLION art projects Aidan brings home from preschool. "Uh-oh Mom you made a mistake! This doesn't go in the recycling it goes on the wall!" Uh, right. Silly Mommy.

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