We are incredibly blessed today, and everyday lately, by the generosity of those who have gifted us with their hand-me-downs. Baby Love was clothed most often by some hand-me-down or another. The items we purchased for him were few and far between. 
Tips and Tricks for utilizing Hand-Me-Downs to their fullest potential:
1. Even if it is stained receive it because you can use it as an undershirt, a layering piece for the bottom layer, extra PJ top or even when your own sweet child gets sick themselves.
2. Think layers. So often the seasonal aspect becomes problematic for moms. If it is a summer button down put a thermal underneath and use it in the dead of winter. If it is long-sleeved, have you considered rolling the sleeves? Using it in the place of a lightweight jacket for the evenings in summer that tend to chill a bit? I have even cut some of the bottoms off of button bottom onesies to make them cute shirts.
3. Show genuine gratitude. It is good for your heart and warms the giver's as well. 
Here is a peek into laundry day this last week. The blues went from 2 large loads to 4 loads comfortably! With a few minor exceptions, we are ready for our sweet son to makes his arrival. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has passed something our way. This journey is more enjoyable because of your thoughtfulness. 
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