The Holidays are one of my favorite times of the year to craft, and craft I do. I thought I would share with you the name banner that I made for our sweet son right before he was born. It was very simple and inexpensive, and 6 months later I still love how it looks!

* To make this banner I used pages from a book purchased at Goodwill, the same one used here. I decided to do rectangles after comparing it with the triangle idea of a traditional banner and just not loving how it looked. I cut out 5 rectangles for each letter to use as backing and to give it a heavier appearance.

* Then I used a set of magnetic letters, like the ones found at the dollar store, to trace the letters onto extra pages from my project here. Any image with vivid colors, like those in a map, would work beautifully.

* I then used craft glue for the letters, gluing them to the top sheet of the stack of five.
* Using a standard hole punch I punched a hole in each corner, which made it stay flush with the wall better than having just a standard center punch.
* Using twine, one of my favorite things in the world, I laced it through the holes and it was done.

I had these lovely planes left over from a shower for Baby Love and decided to loop the banner through the tail of each one. Amazingly this banner is exceedingly lightweight and is held up with packing tape. Yes, tape. Tape that won't ruin walls. This would be great for a kid's room, or for a party. It is easy to control the look and gives a vintage feel to a space. Happy Crafting!

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