Merry Day After Christmas To You!
We hope your celebration was lovely and we will certainly post about ours shortly, but first we wanted to share with you one of our guinea pig ideas for this year. Now that our oldest is fully aware of most aspects of the Christmas season we realized that parting with all things Christmas, especially the tree, could be a recipe for disaster. is our plan.

This lovely chalkboard hangs in our kitchen and Baby Love looks at it often. For the next four days we will read it aloud at breakfast and talk about the idea that all things Christmas will be leaving soon. Just like our good-bye rituals for the park, church, etc... we will say :
"Christmas will be leaving in __ days,
is there anything you want to do before it leaves?"
 And every night the number will change and hopefully
the impact will be less devastating for our sweet spirited son.

Any suggestions for how you help your kids transition?
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