In our go-go society digital invitations seem like a good fit. Personally I LOVE receiving snail mail, but sometimes there just isn't the time. Or in some cases it is more effective to use digital invites, depending on the demographic of your group. I have noticed a level of accountability with digital invites that isn't there with paper invitations. People know you can see when they have viewed the invitation and really, it is as simple as click a button and commit. This year I have found a new to me site called Punchbowl. As a loyal user of Evite I was hesitant to stray from the tried and true, but people. You have GOT to give this site a try. I don't think you will go back.

Punchbowl Love:
~ Easy to use
~ Clean and Clear Interface
~ Ease of linking with social media sites.
~ They have an envelope that sits behind the invitation, makes it feel less digital to me
~ The Love is in the details, changing the "stamp" on the front, the different fonts, etc...
~ The ability to add a variety of polls. Amazing.
~ The addition of automatic maps. You RSVP yes and it provides the guest with a map. Brilliant.
~ The level of personalization. Period.

Minor Drawbacks:
~ The "Plus" options that require payment for membership $19 a year. Slightly limits your options...
~ Long name. There is something so easy about saying you are sending an "evite". A punchbowl however, requires more explanation and isn't as easy when rolling off the tongue.
~ The required learning curve for everyone used to evite. However point two above makes this less concerning.

Let me know if you give it a try, I would love to hear your feedback as well!

*I am in NO way compensated for this review, although not opposed to it <wink>. Just trying to spread a little holiday love.
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