Cookie exchanges are good in theory but rarely successful in execution. Think about it, you come home with plates of cookies that need to be delivered ASAP or you put them in the freezer until the time comes to thaw and serve.

The first is hard for us, seeing how delivery of anything is made difficult because of the process of just getting to the car. Being that we live in the heart of the city we usually end up parking at least a block away, if we are lucky. And we live on a hill. So getting out to the car, with a stroller loaded to the gills with "necessary" items (yes I am working on this...) and then adding plates of cookies....Not. Going. To. Happen. 

The second option is again difficult because, well, here is my freezer. 
Yikes, I know. But it is small"ish" and I am currently cooking three separate menus (long story), most from scratch. All of which require having a lot of ingredients on hand. Again, great in theory, poor in execution options.

So what is a girl in the city, with two kiddos, and an active entertaining schedule to do? Well, I will share with you something that I thought everyone did and only recently discovered is more of a
I make cookie dough, then shape it into a roll and freeze the roll. A tip here is to make the log as long and tall as an ice cube tray, then it will fit in any freezer. When the time comes to bake the cookies I let the roll sit out for 10 maybe 15 minutes, slice the desired amount and cook like normal. As my friend would say
"Easy Peasy".

So in honor of my little secret I threw a "Now and Later" Cookie exchange to kick off the holidays. Everyone was asked to bring a few of their cookies already baked, and the rest already frozen in rolls. I served some savory delights, wine and cider to round out our tasting experience.
 To label the rolls I printed off a blank template for labeling canned goods, printed them onto mailing labels and used my circle punch to complete the look.
 Overall I would say it was a success and we all began our holiday season with four dozen different types of cookies just waiting for guests to pop on by. 

What are your favorite ideas or tips and tricks for entertaining during the holidays?
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