In honor of Valentines Day this year I wanted to continue the love-fest and share with you a few details about our weekend of love.

To kick off the weekend I surprised the Mr. with some home-made sweet somethings. Inspired by my dear friend Jessica's craftiness I adapted her idea to fit my style and limitations. Crafts are complicated in a small space with an eager toddler. More so when trying to make it a surprise. My sewing machine isn't readily accessible so here is how I adapted the idea:

*Instead of hearts that were the same size I cut most of them much larger and then some smaller ones.
*I also cut out  the letters L-O-V-E and our son's little hand prints to personalize the decorations.
*Instead of ribbon or string I cut out strips from fabric that was leftover from my Halloween costume (pictures here).
* To add character I cut smaller sections of fabric then double-knotted it together. Love how the little knots look!
*I used Craft Glue, my best friend, instead of sewing the pieces together, and didn't double side them. This saved tons of time and allowed it to remain a secret as Mr. didn't have to snag the sewing machine for me.
* I did a variety of little banners all over and only one window with the strings hanging down. A good plan if there are little hands or pets in the home.

A few little extra details:
*To weight the bottoms of strings I put a little bow/knot at the base.
*I purchased a wonderful old book that had thick, red-tinted pages that would hold up well to eager little hands. $3.99 from Goodwill and I still have TONS of pages leftover for another time.
* The extra hearts were taped to the bathroom mirror, scattered on surfaces and other random places for a sweet touch.
* I switched out all of the pictures in our home with wedding pictures and put them everywhere!
In Front of The Window

In the Kitchen Above Our Table

Free Download Via

Lovely Little Details

Tiny Handprints

Overall I was really pleased with the outcome and the husband was surprised. A win! What are you up to this weekend friends? Any special crafts you worked on? Please share!

*Book: $3.99        Fabric: $2 (from Halloween)     *Glue: My own stock
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  1. Tanya Says:

    So cute! You are so creative, Abbey.

  2. Thanks! It turned out so cute and subtle. I didn't feel like the craft store vomited in my apt. : ) Some of the free downloads from the blog that I got my "I Love You" Print out from are incredible! Def. worth checking out!

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