Dear friends, I need your input here. So please, please let me know which way you lean on this topic. I promised hubby that I would listen to the census on this topic, so weigh in!

I am contemplating ordering a set of "Mommy Cards". For those of you who aren't aware of this trend they are basically how corporate women have decided to deal with the "making new friends" conundrum I talked about here. These business cards have your information, your child's name, contact information and then your choice of neighborhood information, places you go to play, or where they go to school and maybe even a picture of you and your child. I have seriously considered getting these from about the 5 month of my pregnancy with Baby R. Of course there was a lot of thoughts about it being overkill on the playground. Lately though I have been writing down my information on many scraps of paper and as such have rethought this possibility. Not to mention Kodak gives you the first 50 for free! This is the one I really love.
So friends, what do you think? Should we get a set? How would you respond if someone pulled these out of their wallet in an interaction? Cool or creepy?
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  1. meganleiann Says:

    Cute. Finding Mommy/kid friends can be a lot like dating. If you meet someone you really like it would be nice to have all that information readily available without having to have yet another person whose identity you can't remember in your phone.
    That being said, it looks a little desperate. It also puts the ball entirely in the other person's court. Will you be hurt if they don't call even though they have your snazzy little card with all your info? I would rather just carry around a cute little notepad with personality that I could write my info on. It seems more personal.

  2. Okay, I am officially going to be the Debbie Downer!! I would say no on these for a few reasons. While I really do think they are a cute idea and convenient, I think I would be taken aback if someone handed me one of these. Maybe a little much?

    But more than that, I would say no because ultimately you are giving the information to a stranger (or new acquaintance). Now they have your name, address, child's name and picture, places you frequent, school info, etc... That seems like too much info and I'd be concerned if they dropped/lost it or it somehow got in the wrong hands that it could be a danger to your family. Not to be overly concerned, but just a thought to throw out there.

    So, my suggestion would be to carry a cute pad of sticky notes in your diaper bag and just give your phone and email?

    Best of luck my friend!

  3. Tanya Says:

    How about just making an Abbey business card? You do so many things! Plan weddings, birthday parties, showers, charity events, etc. It would seems so much more appropriate to hand out something that looks much more like a business card, even if a mommy hookup card is more your intention. It would still have your name, your contact information, and even your picture if you would like. Leave room to pencil in favorite parks or hook up spots. Same thing accomplished, but you don't look desperate. :)

  4. I say "why not"? Great way to exchange phone numbers and info with other moms, especially when you are being puled in many directions!

  5. Erin D Says:

    Hey Abbey! I would agree with most of the comments on there....cute idea, but I think it could be accomplished in a 1) safer and 2) more personal way. I would think it was a tad wierd if someone handed me a mommy card, and I agree that if it got in the wrong hand could be unsafe for your family.

    I think having your own business cards (for Abbey, that just has phone/email) or a cute notepad that you keep in the diaper bag is a great idea! :)

    Good luck! :)

  6. Becca Says:

    Okay Abbey,
    I agree with the consensus...
    Best option in my opinion: Make an Abbey - Super Mom and business woman card. I like the idea of your (safe) contact info and a bit about what you do; I would never be surprised (but more likely impressed) by a business card, but might be by a mommy card.
    But just get the 50 free ones. :)

  7. LOVE all of these comments! Thanks for your feedback, I will post our decision shortly. :)

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