I was incredibly inspired this weekend. I "made a friend", which feels very elementary to state, but there isn't any other way to put it really, and it makes me chuckle to say it out loud. As we were talking we realized we had both had similar experiences and difficulties in meeting other moms. There is a delicate dance that is performed in mom-to-mom interactions. Often one side is more eager than the other, which can be intimidating. And this led me to think of the last time I had to really work to make friends, the dreaded junior high. 

High school you develop a "thing". You play sports, are in advanced classes, or maybe theater was your thing. Maybe it was a combination. All of these "things" come with a pre-made group that hopefully accept you. College, you have roommates, classmates, forced interactions, etc...But for me junior high time was the last time I really had to sit down and think, "What makes me cool? " 

So here I am again, "making friends" and truly having a blast. This woman asked me if living in the city made this process easier and I had to answer honestly that it wasn't. I have met many enjoyable nannies, but the mom's aren't very friendly. So it makes me wonder, how do you make new mommy friends? What is intimidating about someone like myself approaching you at the park? Share with me! Shed some light on this situation and please pass on your tips~
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  1. Tanya Says:

    You know, I think this is one of the hardest stages of life to have and be a friend. Napping schedules conflict. School schedules conflict. We have RESPONSIBILITIES. Life just happens. Yes, I agree, it is hard to make friends as a mommy. In my opinion it is easiest to be friends with those who either don't have kids yet or who have kids the same age and stage as your own.

  2. It is a tough thing to balance that I think just keeps getting tougher for a few years. : / It seems like people birth in packs though. They were friends before kids, had kids at the same time and well, if you missed the boat it sure is hard to climb on board. Maybe it is just that we have moved often. Nice to hear that it isn't just me. Miss you Tanya!

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