Those that know me well know that when I find something I love I tell everyone I know about it, and usually convince them to purchase one, or two, or three as well! I am a great sales person. Well I have a new little love: Indestructible books! Yes, you heard me. Is this possible? I think that it truly is and that the answer is inexpensive and accessible. Let me share with you our new find:
I was hesitant to say the least but had read some reviews in various parenting magazines. I read through the information on their website, considered the costs then had a thought. What if Amazon has them? I have had great success with their book selection and prices. And am a Mom member so I get free 2-day shipping (I will post more information on that next week, promise!). Well lo and behold they had them and they are currently a part of their 4 for 3 deal. Purchase 4 qualifying items (all of the books qualify) and you don't pay for the least expensive item. Since they are the same price I essentially got a free book and free 2-day shipping! In addition this price is lower than our local shops had them listed. So it was a win, win all around!

They arrived today and I am so incredibly pleased with each one. There aren't any words on the pages, just breathtaking art depicting a story. They are multi-cultural; Old McDonald is a farm in Bolivia and Humpty Dumpty fell off the great wall of China. And I truly think these little gems will outlast Baby Bean's most eager attempts at book destruction. In truth I might order a few more for gifts. So if you are having a baby, maybe you should take a peek and make a vote for the one you love. <wink> Happy Friday Friends!
Indestructibles: Humpty, Dumpty

Indestructibles: Old MacDonald
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