Wow, we have so much to be thankful for and will update you on some of those things shortly. Playing along with me today is my longtime friend Tanya. Pop on over and hear what she is thankful for! Recently Abbey has been moved to thankfulness by...

...friends who love to craft and create. They inspire me and remind me of the creativity I possess and encourage me to use that part of my mind. Their ability to show love and to truly care for someone through something that they have personalized is wonderful and a blessing. I am grateful to have so many of them in my life and am inspired to pay it forward on a daily basis. 

Play along with us! Every Thursday we will post something we are thankful for, and I would love it if you did so as well on your blogs. It is medicine for the soul to give thanks and when done regularly contentment comes into reach. And it can be anything, silly, personal, or blog related. Just take a moment to give thanks!
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