I found this blog bit I wrote back when we were pregnant with Baby Love. It is fun to hear my expectant voice come through and made me start the thought process of decorations and conversions to the room for this next kidlet. Enjoy it in all of it's rawness!

"We were just notified that the apartment we wanted is ours. Which means that we will now have an actual nursery, no more baby in the pantry! The room is actually a little larger than our current bedroom and has wonderful natural light. The theme, after much thought, will be world travel and Tintin. We have collected some beautiful vintage maps and atlas' over the years and we plan on framing them. There will be a dark brown accent wall to help the old world colors of the old maps stand out better. We have a nice dark blue rug and will work with dark blue, orange and all shades of brown in the room. These colors are also dominate in the comics, so it will be a nice tie in to a “theme” that can grow with him as he gets older.

Tintin is a vintage comic from the thirties that Kevin loved as a young boy. In addition the original language of the comics is in French, which will allow Abbey to dust that part of her brain off a bit and promote baby boys language development. In the comics Tintin is journalist/detective who travels the world fighting pirates, flying vintage planes and uncovering evil plots. We have been on the hunt for these vintage comics in English and have been able to procure a nice little lot to start his library of adventure stories. It is great that there is the flight element in many of the stories as it will be a fun topic for his Grandpa Haffner to tell him more about! We have included some images of Tintin for your viewing pleasure."

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