This is late, but there is a good reason and it is what we are thankful for...we are thankful for fire fighters who respond quickly. For a society that values animals as a part of the family. For neighbors who respond when they think there might be trouble. For helping hands that might not have been heard from for awhile. For faithful friendships that don't look at the clock, their wallet, or the magnitude of the task at hand, but do what needs to be done until the work is finished. For insurance that follows through in a timely and compassionate manner. For tiny miracles that caused pictures to be put in tubs or moved to a separate location mere weeks ago for no good reason at all. For abundant provision and outpouring of love from Him who provides and from those who call themselves His hands and feet. For all of the above and so much more we are incredibly thankful today. Without it this.....

...could have been and could be, so much worse. This is Abbey's parent's home that is no longer habitable. A home that a sweet dog/member of the family, was rescued miraculous from by faithful firefighters. It was the home Abbey grew up in, but thankfully wasn't inhabited at the time of the fire. All are safe, but deeply in need of continuation of that outpouring we mentioned above. We are thankful in advance for all that is to come and know that His provision is so abundant. 
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  1. Tanya Says:

    Wow, Abbey! So, sorry! Will be praying for your parents! Definitely many things for which to be thankful in that situation!

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