I was honored to be able to co-host a baby shower for my best friends sister, who I also consider a sister as well. We threw this shower at the beginning April and now that sweet Baxter has arrived I thought it would be fun to share a few details from this wonderful celebration.
The colors in his nursery are Lime Green, Black and White. Going with those we decided to make the baby shower more bridal than baby, an elegant affair if you will. 
I found the invitation kit on clearance in the Bridal Section of Michaels Craft Store.  The information about the shower was on top with instructions to fill out the bottom piece (that was removable from the pocket) with a prayer or hope for sweet Baxter and to please bring it with you to the shower. 
 Then the Sweet Notes were attached to the safety pins we had hanging off ribbons from these long tree like branches. 
We found this awesome bird for a few dollars at Michaels and it was a wonderful addition to our tree of sweet wishes and dreams.
The tree in all it's glory.
Water bottles with specialized labels created by yours truly.
The incredible cake designed by a friend of ours. 
A specialty drink concocted for the occasion, something I am known for, my love of tasty drinks. They make a party, am I right?
The drinks were set up on the left hand side of the cake table, the water on the right side. The umbrellas were handmade as well. (I found a tutorial here, but made many, many changes to the directions.) The tiny details are so much fun!
Marshmellow Pops
My solution to keeping the Pops upright on different parts of the table, stab them into an apple!
Recognize the stand? Yep my trusty cupcake stand became a holder for wontons and peanut sauce. We put them in these wonderful little cupcake cups. Made prepping more for refills a breeze.
Part of the food table. Since it was in the early afternoon we thought we should have a variety of sweet and savory items. We are glad we were prepared because the food was loved by all!
These were little tags that were intended to be used on the invitations but we thought would be nice in decoration. We used strips of black paper and ribbon to tie in the vases with the color theme of the shower.
The diaper "game". We had these diapers and pens out in the middle of the room where the gifts were and encouraged the guests to write funny sayings on the diapers. Then the Mom To Be picked the one she thought was the most humorous as the winner. The fun part was that these diapers went home with her to chuckle at later when changing yet another diaper at 3 am.
Gifts! Notice the lovely puffs? Handmade and super easy, slightly altering the directions found here. I loved making them for the shower and they will most likely make an appearance at my parties this summer.
Party Favors. Sugar Cookies with those sweet labels from above. Easy, inexpensive and with a little practice a sweet homemade addition to any party.
The party planners and best friends.
Megan, the sweet Mommy To Be.
We also requested that the guests dress in the colors of the invitation and gave a prize to the most festive and decked out guest. Having everyone dressed in the same palette made the pictures look so great together!

The trick for a shower like this was to gather all of our found items that were black and white and then accent with green ribbon or in this case were used some great cheap green apples and limes that we found at Costco. Combining this idea with some tricks found online and making most things ourselves really made this shower more personal and less expensive. Win Win! So blessed to be able to do this for my sweet friend and excited that our little boys will get to grow up as buddies.
Declan and Baxter meeting each other for the first time. Buddies for sure!

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