Baby Love is growing so quickly that it is getting difficult to keep him in clothes! We, like many parents these days, love to see our little boys dressed like little men, rather than babies. In pondering our current clothing problem we found a solution that we are so in love with we just had to share it with you guys. 
Hanes - Toddler Boys 5 Pack Crewneck T-Shirts, White, T2145 (Size 2/3)
Hanes toddler tee-shirts that come in a 5 pack and 
are a little over $5 at Wal-Mart! 
They also have:
Hanes Toddler Boys' 5 Pack Tank,(White-2T/3T)
 for a little over $6. 
We love these for the look, the price and the fact that they can be bleached from all of the summer berry and ketchup stains that are inevitable. We must say that they make our little man look like very stylish! 
So pass this tip on, or use it for yourself. After all, that little extra that you saved would like nice spent on something else. Are we right? 
Happy Tuesday!
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