No, I really, really do. 
They have to be one of my favorite flower but they are spendy and pretty unavailable most of the year. One thing I don't love about Peonies are the creatures that come with them, ants. It is rare that I don't end up with a tiny colony of these pesky creatures after bringing my favorite flower home from the store or farm. So this last week when I went to pick some from a local farm I spotted the ants, spotted the flowers and cringed. Then I was hit with a brilliant and very "captain obvious" moment: If I only pick those that are still tightly closed, then I can have my Peonies without the crawly pests. So I picked 5 buds at different stages of development and a week later let me tell you they are beautiful and full, but best of all, they are ANT FREE!!! So spread the word, and if you already knew about this trick, shame on you for not telling me sooner! <wink>
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