*I wrote this about a month ago and hesitate to share it, but in hopes it might encourage another hardworking mom/dad I am sharing it...

From My Heart
Recently I have felt called to exercise discipline in the mundane parts of my life. It started with our ladies Bible Study at church being one of the drier options I have ever tried to tackle before. But for all of the hurdles one thing was said throughout and that was to do something new, to "Step Up". The author's heart is so pure and that hit me at my core. So I set out to not let her study defeat me and every time I encountered an exercise or even a question I didn't feel like doing I wrote in the margins "Step Up" and pushed through. 

In doing so I noticed myself hearing this little phrase echo throughout first my week and now it is daily. Always in the little areas, which makes it more convicting. As it came in waves the other day I began to ponder why it was important. Being so exhausted and not having gotten good sleep in a few nights "Stepping Up" seemed so much less appealing, not to mention lacking in reward. Suddenly I had a vision of myself in the gym 10 years ago, barking at rowers to push through. To build on the foundation of yesterday. To maintain, maintain, maintain. Reminding them that the decision to not push through today would not only prevent building strength, but result in a loss of muscle tone. All of their hard work could be lost in a few weeks of carelessness and there were races coming up. They would row the race regardless of how strong they were, or how disciplined they had been in training.

Clarity came in that moment. That memory reminded me of how important it is to be disciplined and faithful in the training period. In this moment I am choosing discipline in my mundane moments. This means doing the steps of my study that seems fruitless. Working hard to be on time, no excuses needed. To prepare the night before for a play date. Rising earlier in the morning to help our home wake up to happiness and an organized routine. Remembering doctors appointments, grocery lists and coffee dates. 
Just to mention a few areas.

 All of us will have races to row, 
whether we are ready or not... 
and I want to be ready. 
Toned and Disciplined, finishing strong.
Notice the bossy brunette at the front of that winning boat? Yep, that's Abbey!
*Every other (well almost every other) Monday I am going to post a "Musing" in an effort to work and stretch my composition muscles.Feel free to comment, read along, or skip all-together! 
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  1. MB and ME Says:

    I love it! Being a mom is the hardest job on the planet, but to read your words of encouragement and the "you-can-do-it" attitude is very refreshing. Thank you!

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