May (8 month Prego)
Tour hospital
~Done. Only accomplished by the skin of our teeth, at the end of the month, with the In-Loves on hand to help with Baby Love. 
Meals planned
~Contacted the church and they are so graciously helping set them up. They are using
Call list, etc... updated
~ Another finished near the middle/end of the month. Calling cards distributed.
Baby announcements addressed
~Nope. But addresses are updated and a list of who to send them to is done.
Take pregnancy pictures
~ Good Friend Sophie Brock came and took some amazing shots. You can see a few here around pages 29 or 30.
Plan and throw Jessica's birthday
~ It ended up being a day of celebration that was so much fun!
Read: The Key To Your Child's Heart by G. Smalley or Playful Parenting by D. Westman
~ Nope. The list of little teeny things that needed to be done and working on spending some quality time together took precedence, as it should.
* Kevin is done with classes! Rotation schedule begins.
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