...Make Light The Load.
After posting about my realization that so much on my to do list would never be done, two of my sweet and close friends sat me down and had me make a list. They wanted me to detail these To Dos, big and small. Then each took a few and set out to help accomplish some of the bigger tasks. Their helping hands made the other items on my list easier to conquer and the discussion over what needed to be done vs what was just another item thrown on the list for good measure, helped me put things into proper perspective. In the course I was able to release some of my tasks with a peaceful heart. If you have a good friend that is expecting a baby, this is a great way to help them nest and bring rest to their weary selves. I wish I had words to express just how high this caused my heart to soar. 
Finishing the cushion on our Rocker. Every time I rock our sweet son I am reminded of how loved I am.
Curtains in the boys room that needed to be hemmed....
The little things, like finding cherries right before they were really in the stores.  
Just a few of the tasks they took control of and accomplished. Helping Hands=Rest.
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  1. "Friends" are number one on the list! ♥ What kind gestures...“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”

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