March (6 month Prego)
Maintain 5 mile runs, increase stairs
~Maintained a 4 mile run until the end of the month. 
Family Christmas gifts made
~Packaging purchased, 75% of project completed by end of month.
List of other homemade items decided on
~Decided and a secret!
Plan and throw Shannon's Birthday
~Planned and invitations made, but due to a last minute scheduling conflict the party didn't happen. Sadness.
Trim/fix/gather baby items
~Done! Only a few things left to obtain at consignment sales in April.
Trip to CA to visit family
~Postponed due to spastic back pain that has made carrying baby love a problem. Which there would be a lot of on a trip like this by myself.
Read: The Discipline Book by Dr. Sears
~ Loved this book, read my review here. So glad I read it and have already put it into practice.
* Find out where Kevin's rotations are! PORTLAND! We don't have to move and are so grateful and relieved!!
Story time with Dad. Precious tiny moments.
Checking in the mirror to make sure his hat was on right.
Goodbye March! Hello Spring!
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