Sorry this took so long, we have been itching to share all of the details we alluded to here but wanted to be thorough.
Our hosts and dear friends blogged here about the party as well. Pop over and see what they had to say. We were so incredibly and abundantly blessed by their love for us and this sweet little boy.
That morning Kevin and I dressed to reflect what we thought it would be, he wore pink and I wore blue. While waiting for him to come home for our afternoon appointment I was inspired to make these:
Blueberry Muffins
Which were a huge hit with Baby Love. I think he ate two in a sitting. Kevin arrived and we headed out, leaving Baby Love with our In-Loves. We revealed in getting better acquainted with our new little boy. Then we set out to collect blue balloons filled with helium, "It's a boy!" Mints and a blue hyacinth plant. Our cousin Erin and back up birthing coach for Baby Love wouldn't be able to stay until the reveal so we made a little card and filled it with these little mints(wish I had taken a picture!) for her to take home with her. And our Aunt Mary, also our other back up birthing coach for Baby Love and incredible life saver during Baby Love's birth, wouldn't be able to make it to the party. So we left the blue hyacinth plant scattered with the mints and a card on her doorstep. These two have been incredibly special to us and we can't imagine the past few years without them.

Off to the party where our sweet hosts had the place decked out with all sorts of food boy and girl themed.

There were pink lemonade cupcakes, mini weiner dogs (oh come on, thats funny!), Fruit Skewers, homemade Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies, and so much more! There was an old window that they have hung in their dining space and using erasable sharpies they put up a space for you to cast your vote, in case you changed your mind part way through the night.

Little Love in the shirt I made him for the special occasion.
As soon as everyone arrived, had some food and cast their vote we started Bunco! The tables were able to all be in the one main area so we just shuffled from table to table. Well everyone except Abbey of course. Normally a great Bunco player she spent most of the night at table #3, the lowest of the tables!
Table #1 at last!!!
After we had all run around to the different tables and adequately tasted all of the delicious bites, it was time to tally the scores. And the winner of the most Baby Bunco's was...Pat Haffner! Kevin's mother.So she got the honor of opening the large box that we had filled with balloons. Up floated all of the beautiful blue orbs. Then we pulled out the pictures of the ultrasound, took plenty of pictures and enjoyed the company of our dear friends. We were so blessed to start this next chapter of the journey feeling so incredibly supported.
Team BLUE!!
Team Pink!
Helping Uncle Chris "Clean Up"
Yep, he went up again and again until all of those balloons were back in the box!
With my sweet friend Katie.
Baby and his very excited Aunts
With the hostess and my dear friend Jessica
Sweet Baby you are so loved already. Your arrival is highly anticipated not as the main event but as the beginning of a new chapter that we are all so excited for. Your world is full of loving people and wise role models. We can't wait to welcome you to our little corner of the world! 
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