There are many pluses to having a house, space for an extra freezer is pretty high up on that list. Growing up this was commonplace for us both. It goes without saying that this is not an option for those living in small spaces, like us. One solution we have come up with is space sharing. It works really well for those trips to Costco, or frozen meals prepared in advance for an event.

Here is how our arrangement works. We have always made friends with our neighbors and have even worked to move friends into our buildings. If you find a good thing, spread the word! Our friends trust us and have loved living in the same building as people they trust. Some of our good friends work long hours and don't have time to cook often. So they let us use their extra freezer space and in return we host meals often at our home. Many times using the items we are storing!

Family Dinner
In order for this to work you need to trust those you space share with as you would want to give them a spare set of keys to your space. We have always swapped keys with a few people, making sure we are never locked out of our apartment and guaranteeing peace of mind when you think the stove might be on.

This is a great solution for both. A great reason to share meals, inspire creative dishes for a wider palette and no space is wasted! This idea can be used for a variety of reasons. Have extra closet space not being used? Why not let your friend/neighbor store some coats in the back? In exchange maybe they will lend you extra fridge space before a party. Again, trust these people. But as "city dwellers", as our good friend Cari put it, you learn to create community wherever you live. Whether you are protected by a white picket fence or hallway. And we are very grateful for our little community that are so generous with the extra space they have.

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