Happy April! We have been absent for a bit, but have been so busy! There are many crafts and parties to tell you about and we are stoked to share some of the things we learned along the way. Since we last blogged we...

 ...have been notified that we will be in our home city for at least another year and won't need to move! 
...we had some family time, aka a 2-day spring break.
...during that time we were able to rearrange our house and complete some major projects to prepare for this little one's birth. 
...prepped for a baby shower that turned out fabulous.
...took a 5 day trip to Olympia.
...threw the baby shower.
...entered the third trimester.

And those are just the highlights. So look for some interesting posts in the next week as we will be telling you all about the above as well as a few other little things we have up our sleeves.
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