It is so true that it is the little things, the tiny moments and gestures that can alter the course of a day. This Thursday we are thankful for such acts as these and the people who go out of their way to create them. 

This past month in keeping with the pregnancy rule of craving for at least a week as mentioned in this post, Abbey has held off from buying a Cadbury egg for the entire month. A tradition she shared with her grandmother while growing up, the treat is more nostalgic than anything else. That said, they are caloric and once you bite into it you are committed to the entire egg. Am I right? Fast forward to the weekend before Easter and lo' and behold they run out of every type of Cadbury Egg! There were a few moments of pregnancy induced craziness on the phone when the news was relayed, but there was truly nothing to be done. The sad pregnant lady resigned herself to an Easter without her little treat.

24 Fresh Cadbury Creme Eggs
Kevin is telling a classmate and friend how badly he felt not being able to find it and she chuckled, reached into her bag and pulled out one perfect classic Cadbury Egg. She thought the whole thing hilarious and he was ecstatic to get home with the highly coveted golden egg. Little did she know that this random act of thoughtfulness would stir gratefulness in us both all week long. Desiring something, being denied and then gifted it from a random source makes it taste that much sweeter.

We encourage you to look around and watch for a chance to commit a random act of thoughtfulness this week. 
Because the little things really do make a difference!

Play along with us! Every Thursday we will post something we are thankful for, and I would love it if you did so as well on your blogs.The Button is on the right hand side of the page, just click, copy and paste. Oh! And let people know where you found it! It is medicine for the soul to give thanks and when done regularly contentment comes into reach. And it can be anything, silly, personal, or blog related. Just take a moment to give thanks!
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