...one soup at a time. Which is what my little emulsifier does for my life, simplifies it in so many ways. This lovely little tool was a gift from my sweet Aunt Geri a few Christmas' back.
Aunt Geri, Baby Boy, Kevin, Mom (popping in), Me, Uncle Alan
 I have used it over the years for many things, but mainly for soups. It is so easy to clean and store that I have a hard time remembering the process of pulling out my blender (because we don't have counter space for it to be out), transferring my soup, blending quickly then trying not to splash as I transfered it back to the pan. Always keeping the blender out in case I needed to add something and re-blend. 
Ugh, really? Did I really do that for so many years? What was I thinking?!?
Maxi-Matic EHB-1000X Elite Cuisine 200W Hand Blender and One Touch Button, White
Elite One Touch Hand Blender, the one I own.
 I am incredibly thankful for this little gift and have thought of adding it to my list of giveaway items as I can't imagine having a kitchen that isn't equipped with one. Simply torn on the varied reviews online for the different brands. It makes me think I got lucky with mine as it has served me well for years and was not expensive. 
Do you own one? What is the brand? 
What is your favorite use for this sweet little tool?

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  1. Tanya Says:

    Oh, Abbey, I love my immersion blender too!!!! Mine is an Oster and is currently sitting on my counter because I haven't put it away after using it today. Right now I mostly use mine for making smoothies. We are on a serious smoothie kick right now! I have also used it to QUICKLY puree pinto beans for a bean dip. Love it! (And honestly, I have thought about doing the same type of post... it may appear on my blog as well pretty soon!)

  2. How long have you had yours Tanya? I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this if you blog about it. :) We should link some of our blog posts more often. I think most would find them interesting.

  3. Tanya Says:

    I have had mine since the day after Thanksgiving. Can you say Black Friday gift for me? :) I think linking them would be great! Or maybe we should do a guest blog switcheroo. That might be fun too!

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