As a foodie I love everything that goes with a meal and how it marries the flavors. Beverages that are well-crafted many times get overlooked. The little details in fresh squeezed juice, spices, exotic ingredients just delight my taste buds! Being pregnant I am inspired constantly to find the perfect substitutes for some of my favorite beverages. So today I bring you one of my new favorites, a virgin, mix free Margarita.

I was inspired by this recipe but wanted to tweak it a bit for my own taste.

  Lime wedge (optional)
  Coarse sugar (optional)
3 freshly squeezed limes
2 fresh squeezed oranges
1 fresh squeezed grapefruit
Sugar Syrup (equal parts sugar and water boiled and cooled)
small  ice cubes


1. Rub rims of glasses with lime wedge; dip rims into a shallow dish of coarse sugar and shake off excess.
2. Combine equal parts lime, orange, and grapefruit juice over ice in glass. Add a splash of sugar syrup, stir. Top off with a splash of 7-Up.
* I like to build mine rather than blend, although I am sure either would be delicious. I had juice left over after having 2 of these, but it is so much easier to squeeze everything all at once. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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