We are really excited to let you guys know about another giveaway! It must be springtime because the giveaways are popping up everywhere. This is one of the fun parts of blogging and following as I mentioned in my previous blog. My dear friend Tanya has been alluded to and mentioned many times before as we have known each other since Junior High. Her giveaway is for this darling necklace that I have seen on her and loved. It truly is a wonderful little piece.
For details on how to enter, and of course check out Tanya's sweet blog, click here. As an added incentive if you follow Tanya's blog you will get an additional entry into our giveaway. Win, win eh? 
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  1. Thanks for the "heads up"...I will pop over and join the fun! I am having a "springtime giveaway" too....come on over and see! ♥

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