Our crew was small this past week as we gathered to say goodbye to our Monday Mates. To celebrate we enjoyed takeout and some themed desserts. I made Emily's Sugar Cookies (because she is oh so sweet), in the shape of hearts of course. And Chantal's Surprise Brownie Bites (due to the emotional roller coaster she took us on this season). The brownie bites are a favorite cooking light recipe of mine. Then I hid nuggets of either caramel and chocolate, or coconut and Craisins, and swirled a bit of caramel on top. All of the roses used for decorating this season had dried, so I used the petals and buds for decorations. And tons of candles. Oh! And don't miss the blog that Steph and Abbey did on all things fashion and Bachelor, here. 

Monday's we will miss all of your drama!
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