We hate to do this to you guys, but tomorrow looks to be a little stressful and hopefully exciting for our little family. Supposedly they will be releasing our rotation sites for next year. Which is a really, very big deal for us. We have been holding our breath since we submitted our preferences way back in November. So, if they hold to their end of the bargain we will be spending all of our free time tomorrow and this weekend figuring out our next move. Eek! We will either be physically moving or if possible staying here and rearranging our space like crazy people. Soon. Like Sunday....So in honor of this huge event there is another week to tell us what you want if you were to win the giveaway, and to spread the word (original post here). If more people sign up we might be motivated to sweeten the deal...
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  1. piratemolly Says:

    Good luck with the rotation site!!! Keep us posted. (:

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