Easter, Easter, Easter. I love the idea of making our own Easter Baskets and after the success of last year I have already begun to gather for this year. Not only was this super cost effective last year, but having control over each and every item given to our sweet child set our minds at ease. 

This year I was struggling with the candy overload that always comes with holidays and came up with the idea of putting cars in the eggs instead of candy. So I went onto ebay, my own personal vortex, and found a lot of cars. Perfect! If you haven't ever bought things in "lots" you really ought to give it a try. True, you might end up with more than you need (ahem, 150 ties later...) but this can be solved two ways. One, you go in one it with someone else. Two, you save the excess for one of the other holidays needing items such as these (birthday, stocking stuffer, Happy Spring Day, etc...)

So at this point these lovely items will grace our sons Easter Baskets:

Cars!!! We will split the "lot" with a good friend.

Vintage Books

Mini Containers of Playdoh, we will split this set up as well.
Have you started thinking about Easter? Follow along as we share more ideas, tips and tricks!
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