Anyone have those moments? We do all the time. Start telling a cute kiddo happening and poof! It is gone as quickly as it came. Unfortunately so much is happening right now that tracking it all is very difficult. Baby Love is so amusing and we don't want to forget an antic or episode. Which is why we are in love with these following items and look forward to seeing how they help us document our very documented little proteges.

LOVE this idea! One simple line, that is all it takes.

Simple, easy to use, colorful and all in one place. Can't wait to show this to our grandkids someday.

So messy, but oh so fun and outside of my normal Type A picks.

Purchased this for Kevin for Father's day and can't wait to have the adorable pages filled.

And TONS of these!

We have stacks of these all over our house and whenever a memory comes to mind or is created, we run to scribble the date and details in short hand (heaven help the translator).  These will be pasted all over that lovely journal that was purchased awhile back and has only a handful of complete entries.

How do you document your little ones precious moments?
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  1. MB and ME Says:

    We use a little notepad I bought from Target (it comes with a holder & has a clover on it) and stash them in a drawer in the kitchen. There's a nice little stack & will probably make a book or something out of it. Plus we take tons of videos on our phones. I will miss the little voices when they grow up.

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