A few weeks ago my sweet friends husband came home to us sitting on the couch pondering what to do with a gift of delicious walnuts. He chimed in:
Here, let me have one".
 And he proceeded to snag one of the walnuts and use it to rub the wood chips and discolorations on their coffee table.  Puzzled we just sat and watched. 
In a minute he stood back and beamed, the spots were almost gone!
 So I came home and tried it with what I had on hand,
 a pecan
And it also worked. This is one of the moments where the solution is so frighteningly logical, yet not instantly assumed. Of course it works because it is just like the oil you would purchase in the store. But you might be like me and not think to use what you have on hand, so I thought I would pass his wisdom along. Here is some photo "evidence" from our coffee table.

Before (closeup of problem spot, but it was this bad all over):


PS the photos don't do it justice! 

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