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I love to craft and create things. This poses a special type of challenge in the city, in a small apartment. It seems the biggest problem is my knack for crafting in all sorts of mediums. Each medium requiring their own set of "tools". I paint, charcoal, sketch, sew, make cards, embroider, bake, cook, decorate, etc... You get the point. This has led to two things happening. The first, much of my stuff is in storage and lugged out for every occasion. I keep two tubs of necessary items and everything else is in storage. The second thing that has happened is that I have developed a bit of an obsession for all things small, crafty and compact. My newest find is this adorable cupcake stand. It holds 10 cupcakes, quiches, or brownies. But best of all, it COLLAPSES! Making it a must have for my kitchen. Of course I bought it and now the conundrum has become, should I get another one? Hmmmmm.....

Wilton 307-831 13 Count Cupcake Stand
At Baby's 1st Birthday

Who wouldn't want to make cupcakes for a face like this? Chris Low Photography

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