In our tiny apartment there is one thing missing: a dishwasher. While the charm and accessibility, not to mention price, more than make up for this tiny flaw, it is still an issue. 

When we moved in we were shown many units that had their own portable dishwashers. The concept seemed brilliant and seamless. So of course we obtained the necessary details and Kevin set out on a craigslist journey to find the perfect dishwasher. Now my husband is a resell, bargain hunter, extraordinaire. His hunt for the perfect jogging stroller is legendary; see the post here for details. That story is too good to miss. Needless to say he is very good and precise.

His hunt led to the acquisition of two different washers. The first was the size of a standard inset. The issue there, the size. It ended up obstructing the window and my view and light. The plus, it held EVERYTHING. After about two weeks of trying to make it work, it ended up being resold on craigslist. 
The Beast

The second was much smaller and fit under the end of the table. This made it discreet and me much happier. Due to its micro-ness though it had a shorter everything, including the cord and hose. For those of you unaware of the intricacies of a portable dishwasher they have a plug for an outlet and a hose that you carefully hook up to your sink. Since this one was compact in all ways lovely and nice it had to be mounted, yes mounted, to a cart that I then had to roll on our uneven floor closer to the sink. Mind you it was always full at this point. After it was done I would carefully unhook and unplug everything and then roll it back. Usually the hose continued dripping though and I would then be cleaning up a puddle every so many hours.
About how it looked, link here
Well this one lasted a little longer, about a month. Finally I put my foot down. I had found myself doing more work than it was worth. So out the dishwasher went and in returned my old dishwasher, whom I much prefer. Mind you, I am now the head assistant to the dishwasher, but still much happier with the end result.

Most Dashing Dishwasher and Assistant

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