Shopping at chain stores is a bit of a chore when you live in the heart of the city. I carefully bundle my trips and try to make them as efficient as possible. As a by-product we have also found that I spend less. Surprising I know, but there aren't many opportunities for me to wander Target's aisles and pick up all of those irresistible little things I just know I "need". Or at least will at some point in the next 6 months. The downside is I have to be very aware and active when the things we actually do need go on sale. To do this I have subscribed to some wonderful blogs and websites that carefully advertise sales and codes at stores such as Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc...Today I just have to make you aware of one going on at this very moment at Old Navy.

I haven't shopped at Old Navy since 2006. Seriously. Not because I have anything against the store, but I haven't been near one or motivated to drive out to a location since then. Well in the past couple of weeks I have now made two trips. I blogged about it on my best friend and my fashion blog here, so pop over and take a peek. I wanted to add that even if you don't have the coupon, they accepted the code that I read to them from the coupon! Crazy to say the least. And if you are trying to think of a reason to make a trip I would offer that you can find MANY baby items for less than $3. And very cute little outfits. So if you are like me, and have a plethora of baby showers in your future, pop over and save yourself some money. You will thank me!
Diaper Cake Steph and I made for a recent baby shower.
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