We found out we were expecting shortly after the holidays. As we proceeded to tell our loved ones the good news there were many questions that they had for us. The most common one was: "So where will you be moving?" We were prepared to answer the more traditional questions. The ones that pushed to find out how we were feeling about this new change, what our hopes were, etc... Unfortunately we hadn't really considered the one that was on everyone's mind. This led to many interesting conversations, to say the least.

We began by making a list of our needs. Then started thinking about the process of having a child, in our lives. This led to the discussion about how much people seem to change when they have kids. And lo and behold we would every time end up at the same place, adamant to be the exceptions to the rule. As we surveyed our oasis in the city we couldn't imagine leaving. This led to many nights of measuring, rearranging furniture and tons of discussions about converting our pantry into a sleeping chamber for the baby. As the cold winter dragged its feet and our unit stayed at its normal chilly level we made the earth shattering decision to move. But not out of the city, just from our oasis. 

The path of picking a place with a baby due in a few short months was a treacherous one. There were lists on top of lists. Compromises and firm non-negotiables. Many conversations that ended with "but that just isn't possible with a stroller!". Abbey became an expert at quickly measuring a room and knowing what would work or wouldn't without consulting her notes. Then at last we found our nest. It ended up being blocks away from our old place, less expensive with a better layout and more space. No more pantry nursery drawings for us!

We moved at the 8 month mark and were ready for baby with little time to spare. Kevin started Pharmacy school, the baby arrived safely and then the real work of Raising A Baby In The City started. It has since been a year and half since we moved in and with another baby on the way and the same set of questions circulating (although this time with more urgency) we thought it would be fun to document our journey and all of the moments of pleasure and insanity.

So please, ask those questions you have always wanted to ask the mommy pushing the stroller laden with groceries up the hill. We have been asked most everything under the sun and relish every chance to answer them. And if you to are raising a baby in the city and have a suggestion, PLEASE, SHARE. We cherish all the suggestions we can get. 

From our humble abode to yours, it looks to be a wonderful journey, thanks for joining us.

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  1. Meghan Says:

    I can't wait to follow along! Miss you guys!

  2. Cari Says:

    Great blog idea! Although no kids, Ken and I are uncompromising city dwellers as well, and always will be. It's just too great to be able to walk everywhere...I think it's a much more fun and fuller living experience to be out on the streets and not in a car. So way to go on staying true!

  3. Meghan we miss you guys too! It has been way too long since we have had a visit!

    Cari, I would love your take on some of our ideas and conundrums. I have loved following your blog and seeing you guys adapt overseas. Thanks for following along with us!

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