I am sure you have heard of people making one of these, or witnessed the beauty of some of the intricately crafted ones on Pinterest. With my New Year's resolution (to be posted soon) in hand I made the call to stop pinning and just make one. If you are like me that is hard to do, especially with limited time and space. There aren't many spots in our place to lay  a project, so they really need to be completed in the same span of time as they were begun. With that in mind I took the photo Christmas cards we had been sent and some other less personal cards (like from businesses and such) and with my trusty craft glue, a piece of cardstock and one nap-time session created this:

The cardstock cover really cleaned up the appearance of this hasty craft. And since we are teaching our kiddos Spanish we thought it would be good to put "Mi Amigos" on the cover. It isn't the Christmas Card book of my dreams, but he sure loves it a lot. Another item from my boards to my home!
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