I have contemplated publishing many of the back posts that were partially written, or needed just "one more photo". And while the discussion isn't completely closed at the moment the decision has been made to pick up here and post in the present. 
The absence from blogging has been drawn out longer than necessary because of the countless excuse posts I have written in my head. As a child I was known to be able to sell "ice cubes to Eskimos" if you have heard that saying. It means that I am a good sales person, but in that vein an expert at explaining anything away or into existence, depending on the situation. A trait that was supposed to set me on the path of a lawyer in training and one that now I work hard to expunge from every crevice of my being.
With that confession being made, we have missed blogging and look forward to returning!

Here is a peek at what we have been up to in our absence:
Sweet days of summer coming to a close
New treats and experiences in this town we call home

Brotherly love blossoming
Planned a 2nd Birthday for our little Sir...

And executed a party...

Family Time

Fellowship with those we are privileged to call Friend

Milestones for our littest

Baking. Lots of baking

Less of this...

...and more of this

and an abundance of 
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