Ann Voskamp said in her beautiful book  One Thousand Gifts that "Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle." This is a beautiful image when put into context of the season we are in, for Thanksgiving really will precede the season celebrating the miraculous. We have so much to be grateful for and regardless of your views on the origins of this holiday, it is a gift to be able to take a whole day out of the year just to give thanks. Our hope for you is that you are able to do that this year. Give thanks for anything and anyone. Once you get started you might have a hard time stopping!

We are thankful for:
Feet to pitter patter early in the morning
Lungs to squeal in delight and cry out for comfort
Doors that make our small space cozy and private
Family that love like friends
Friends that say "I love you" and love like family
Quiet evening moments after it is finished and before it starts all over again
Books becoming traditions
A couch that is beginning to feel small
Shared passions
Peers becoming friends
Co-workers flexibility for family
Job contracts signed
Teachers that calm our children on Sundays
Hand holding
Graciousness of neighbors
Community in the city
In-Loves that drop everything to watch our boys
New friendships that feel old, trusted and secure
The sparkle of discovery and excitement in play
Long walks
Brothers learning to share and love
Walking in faith
Problem solving with like-minded kindred spirits
Laughing so hard, all night long with those that get you
Recipes made up on the spot and executed flawlessly

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  1. Meghan Says:

    I loved this post! Miss seeing you all- hopefully we can catch up in person sooner rather than later. Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family of four!

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