...White Space for my family and myself. What you ask, is White Space? One of our Pastor's Wives did a wonderful blog bit on this topic here. Please, please, please pop over and read this post. It isn't long, but hopefully it can inspire you as well. What I took away from it was this: when White Space is created with intention and isn't simply a lack of activity or by accident, then a different level of peace and restoration is achievable. Intention means that those who are like myself, list makers, have on their To Do list to rest, listen, be present and if needed, unplugged for that space of time. If this isn't my task at hand I am constantly looking for ways to accomplish even more in my tiny spots between life's ebs and flows, cramming too much into small moments. This idea and its potentials have so invaded my mind over the past few weeks that it might just be added to one of my monthly goals, to ensure that it happens and becomes a part of our life. 
So share with me, what is your White Space? 
How do you maintain balance within your families schedules?
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